Fermenting a new pop of flavor.

Mamachari has built a distinct look that most kombucha drinkers (at least in Utah) can immediately recognize.
Package Design, Production Design, Production Management
November 2017
We began working with Mamachari as they started a major brand expansion. Not only were they adding several new flavors to their product category, they were also looking at expanding their business operations.

We wanted to provide a system of labels that felt like a natural progression of their brand, and could be leveraged to more easily expand into new flavors in the future.

Through this process, we investigated several pattern combinations and color options for each of the new flavors , ultimately landing on a few bright simple options for the production labels.
Mamachari's original label design is based on Japanese wood block art. Wood block art has been used for centuries in Japan and China for printing books and artworks. It has historically been paint layered in vivid colors, glazes, and transparencies that result in a vibrant and unique finished product. When we started working on Mamachari's labels, we wanted to find a way to carry this style forward.
We have been excited to see the Mamachari customer base respond well to the new bottles. We've have had many people say that these new designs are some of their favorite patterns (and flavors) of their kombucha to date. Cheers to health!
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