Designing buildings. Building relationships.

When Matt came to us for help, he had some old graphic elements and a few ideas in his head; but wasn't 100% sure how to connect them together.
Identity Development, Logo Development, Color and Type Selection, Paper Collateral, Environmental Graphics
February 2018
Matthew Konar Architecture started as a one-person firm. That meant every client became part of his design family, a feeling that still carries on. We wanted to refine his brand in a way that made people feel invited in and extended the warmth he shows his clients.

Having previously worked on building his brand, he already had a pretty clear idea of the elements he did, and didn't want to see in the brand we would for him. As an architect, he also had certain needs when it came to clarity through print applications and in the physical environment.

The brand would also carry a lot of meaning in its form. The building outline represents the industry of architecture literally, while the twig is symbolic of both Konar's heritage and hospitality he shows his clients. The bar below both is the ground on which his buildings are built and speaks to the foundation he hopes he gives each person that builds one of his buildings.

Together, we landed on an identity that was simple, elegant, and complex - creating elements that could be mixed and matched for a versatile identity that would look good on a set of plans, and on a sign next to a building.

Speaking through fonts

A lot of time and consideration was devoted to the font selection for the Konar brand. Architectural plans are annotated on every sheet, and are usually accompanied by a large set of notes for the plans. Similar to the logo, we saw this as a great way to brand Konar Architecture through the most frequently printed item in his office. We knew that we wanted the font to match similarly to the logo, while being a font that would more clearly print than Mr. Eaves, which was chosen for the logo set. For smaller print items, we ultimately chose Bell Centennial for its similarity to Mr. Eaves, yet its suitability for print.
An architect's logo is seen on their architectural plans more frequently than anywhere else. That meant creating something that could be printed in one color and retain it's readability even when scaled to the smallest of sizes. Once that was established, we introduced an array of red as an homage to the Architect's home and office; an old farmhouse built in the late 1800's.

Extending the brand

We looked for simple ways to give Matt a brand that extended beyond just his plans. We built out a basic collateral suite that includes business cards and letterhead seen above. We also looked at multiple signage applications: one that could be placed on site during the construction process, and one that would be a minimal window application once the space was complete and operational.
Mamachari Label Expansion
Shades of Pale brewing identity